Who We Are


Welcome to a gathering place of Alexandrian Witchcraft history, a repository that is rather different and possibly more hidden, yet direct for those who seek a spiritual, magical path. It is home to all magical craft paths and its information will be of interest to the many who research modern occult practice.

~ Maxine Sanders ~ 

Solstice Greetings and welcome to the Alexandrian Witchcraft Timeline & Archive website.

This site is designed as a living, breathing, historical Timeline; an online meeting place where memories, lore and images can be shared and contributed.

Explore the truths, stories and treasures of the witches who were there at the beginning, the witches who came after, and the witches currently practicing the Tradition Alex and Maxine created.

Aside from the burden of proof via documentation the present craves, the gift from the past is in the memory. Hundreds of contributors including Maxine herself, the Museum of Witchcraft and many respected elders, have shared rarely seen images, clippings and memories here.

Alex urged us to ‘carry the knowledge forward, don’t let it die.’  The inner workings of the Craft will always remain in the shadows. This site is both a historical archive and an opportunity for our oral lore to breathe life into precious memories.

You are humbly invited to explore the site and let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions. More than that, you are invited to contribute to history.

Maya Sanders
Sharon Day