Already this site contains a valuable collection of material not found elsewhere, and it promises soon to become the most important single resource for research into this important tradition.’ – Professor Ronald Hutton, 5 May 2020

This is a comprehensive archive that has been put together with a commitment to create an unbiased and genuine insight into the complex and all embracing nature of both Alex and his teaching. A true labour of love. Len Roberts, Alexandrian Initiate & Elder, 6 May 2020

‘This easy to use site promises to be extremely informative as it grows and develops. The ability for people to upload information freely, should provide a rich and varied resource for generations to come.’ – Simon Costin, Director – Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, 21st May 2020

‘A work of art! A valuable resource for those seeking to delve into the many facets of the Craft’s history.’ – Toni Rotonda, Raymond Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick , 4 June 2020

This site is an incredible labour of love to preserve and promulgate the history of the Alexandrian Wiccan religion, and to make it available to all. It has huge potential for international scholastic and personal research, and is a precious resource, an absolute treasure trove. Dr Melissa Harrington, Initiate and Academic, 21 June 2020