Alex Sanders speaks to Carol/Drawing down the Moon [Excerpt from The Charge, BOS?]

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    Poem ‘Alex Speaks to Carol’ and instructions for Drawing Down the Moon ritual, possibly from Book of Shadows; typescript, single page 


    7 Alex speaks to Carol.

    Dance about My Altar Stone

    Work My Holy Mystery, ye who are fain to sorcery,

    I bring ye secrets yet unknown.

    No more shall ye know slavery

    Who give true worship unto Me.

    Ye who tread my Round on Sabbatt [sic] night

    Come ye all naked to the rites

    In token that you are really free.

    I teach the Mystery of Rebirth.

    Work ye My Mysteries in mirth,

    Heart joined to heart and lip to lip,

    Five are the points of fellowship

    That bring ye ecstasy on Earth.

    I ask no sacrifice [b]utboo [sic] bow,

    No other law but love I know.

    By naught but love may I be known.

    All that liveth is mine own.

    From Me they come, to Me they go.

    Now any of the devoted servants or the guards of the circle. They kneel and are sacrificed with love … by the scourge. to raise the power. The power is raising higher and higher and the Goddess is truly appearing … Then everyone takes up their positions again and if the Goddess is there and the power is truly …… The power of the Moon drawn down into the circle.

    After the drawing down of the Moon ceremony.