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    Alex’s version of the Angelic System probably from Madelaine Montabaln


    [Continued from missing page]

    5 This symbol defends those who invoke the Spirits of Saturn during the night; and banishes the [S]pirits which guard treasures.

    6 Inside the Pentagon of this symbol is each sign and name of the Spirits as they should be. Pronounce this against an enemy. Show it on the South of the Ø and they will be obsessed by Demons. Repeat this: “Set thou a wicked one to be ruler of over him, and let Satan stand at his right hand.”

    7 The last of the symbols of Saturn. This symbol is suitable for creating earthquakes, to make buildings fall. It is ruled by the Nine Orders of Angels and if invoked correctly it is sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble. Sl Show it to the four quarters of the Ø commencing in the South[,] circling widdershins. Writes [sic] the names in the Passing of the Rivers” scripts.


    1 The first symbol of Jupiter. This is for the purpose of calling the [S]pirits of Jupiter; especially those whose names are writing written in the [P]entagon, among whom is PARASIEL is the


    the Lord and Master of Treasures. He teaches the way to how to become the possessor of places where the treasures are. In the [P]entagon are the Names of the Angels: NETONIEL, DEVACHIAH. TZEDEQIAH and PARASIEL, written in Hebrew.

    2 S This symbol is the one for acquiring glory, honours, dignities, riches, and all kinds of goodness, together with great tranquilly tranquillity of mind – also us it use it to discover treasures and chase away the [S]pirits who preside over them. This one should be made upon vegetable parchment with a sky blue pen cover containing dark blue ink. There is a Hes Hexagram in the Pentagon. In the centre of the Hexagram are is incribed AHIH. In the upper and lower angles of the same, those of the name AB, the Father; in in the remaining angles those of the Name IV IHVH.

    3 This symbol defends and protects those who invoke and command the [S]pirits of Jupiter to come. When they appear show them this star in the [Triangle] of the North, and immediately they will obey. In the upper left corner is the magical seal


    of Jupiter with the letters of the [N]ame IHVH. In the others are the seal of the Intelligence of Jupiter, and the Names ADONIA & IHVH.

    4 The fourth Pentagnol [sic] Star of Jupiter serves to obtain riches, honour, and much wealth. Its Angel is BARIEL. It should be made upon silver coloured vegetable parchment in the ho day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the sign Cancer.

    5 This symbol has great power, use it for assured visions. The biblical Jacob owning it saw the ladder which reached into Heaven Kether[.]

    6 The sixth Angelic Star of Jupiter is n depicted in the [P]entagon by a four armed cross[. O]n the arms are SERAPH, KERUB, URIEL and THARSIS; [t]he four Rulers of the Elements. Make it, and it will serve you for protection, against all earthly dangers; regard it as a sacred talisman, hold it against your ha heart devoutly and repeat this verse. Thus shall you never perish. “They pierced my hands and feet my feet, I feel it in all my bones.”


    7 This the last Angelic [S]tar of Jupiter. Use it as a weapon against poverty, consider it as the sixthe sixth Star of Jupiter with devotion repeating the verse. As an afterthought use it to drive away those Spirits who guard Treasures, and to discover where those Treasures are.

    Upon the Pentagon are the Mystical Characters of Jupiter with this verse: “Lifting up the poor out of the mire, and raising the needy from the dunghill, that he may set him with princes the princes of his people.”


    1 The first Pentagon of Mars. I[t i]s proper for invoking [S]pirits of Mars, especially those which are written in the [P]entagon. Also contained are the [M]ystical [C]haracters of Mars, and the Names of the four Angels: MADIMIEL, BARIZTZABEL, ESCHIEL, and THURIEL written in Hebrew.

    2 This symbol will be very successful against all kinds of diseases, if it is applied to the afflicted parts.

    3 This symbol is of great value for exciting war, 


    wrath, discord, and hostility, for resisting enemies, and striking terror into rebellious [S]pirits. The Names of God the All Powerful are clearly marked. The letters of the Names ELOAH and SHADDAÏ. In the centre is the Great Letter VAU, the signature of the great Quabalistic [sic] Microprosupus [sic – Microprosopus].

    4 The fourth [P]entagon of Mars is of great virtue and power in war, if you do not doubt it. It will give you great victory. In the centre is the Great Name AGLA, right and left the letters of the [N]ame IHVH, above and below, EL.

    5 The fifth Star [P]entagon of Mars. Write this on vegetable parchment, because it is terrifying to the [D]emons, and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee for they cannot resist its presence. In the [P]entagon is the figure of a scorpion also the word HVL.

    6 This sixth Angelic Star [P]entagon is very powerful and dangerous. Its power is so strong that being armed with it[,] if you are attacked by anyone, you will not be injured or wounded when you fight with them. Around the eight points of the radii of the [P]entagon are the worlds ELOHIM QEBER[”]. Place your triangle in the [S]outh of the Ø. Hold the [s]ymbol to the triangle, say, “Their sword shall enter into their own hearts, and their bow shall


    shall [sic] be broken.

    7 The seventh and last [P]entagon. Write this upon vegetable parchment with a black coloured pen containing dark red ink in the day and hour of Mars; [u]ncover it in the Ø, invoking the [D]emons whose names and are written in the [P]entagon, and you will immediately see rain hail and tempest[.] In the centre are the Divine Names EL and YIAI which have the same numerical value when written in [H]ebrew, and in the secret alphabet called the Celestial compose the names of [S]pirits.


    1 The first [P]entagon of the Sun. Upon it is the Countenance of SHADDAÏ the Almighty, at whose aspect all creatures obey, and the Angelic Spirits do reverence on bended kneis knees. [This] [P]entagon contains the head of the Angel METATRON, the viceregent and representative of SHADDAÏ, who is called the Prince of Countenances and the righthand CHERUB of the ARK, as SANDALPHON is the left and feminine. On either side is the [N]ame EL SHADDAÏ.

    2 The second Pentagon Star Angel, this builds upon in addition to [P]entagon, and the proceeding [sic] and following, belong to the nature of the Sun.


    They serve to repress the nature and pride and arrogance of the [S]olar [S]pirits, which are altogether proud and arrogant by their nature. The whole symbol contains the [M]ystical [C]haracters of the Sun and the m [N]ames of the Angels: SHEMESHIEL, PAIMONIAH, REKHODIAH and MALKIEL.

    3 This symbol servers serves in added addition to the two preceeding effect of the two preceeding [sic] to acquire Kingdom and Empire, to inflict loss and to acquire glory renown and glory, especially through the Name TETRAGRAMMATON, which is written inside it twelve times.

    4 This Pentagon grants gifts of clairvoyance and sight, to whoever dares to make it. Even though the Spirits are invisab invisible when you yo invoke them into the [triangle] of the South, the moment that you take the VEIL of Power away and un[c]overed it, they must immediately appear visible to you. The Sacred Names ADONIA, IHVH, are written in the centre of the Pentagon, and round the [r]adii are the [M]ystical [C]haracters of the “Passing of the Rivers”.

    5 This fifth Pentagon is for the purpose of invoking [S]pirits who can transport you from one place to another (astral[ly])[, o]ver a long distance and in a short time.


    6 The sixth Pentagon.

    If this is made correctly it will serve in the truest possible sense for all operations of invisibility.

    In the centre is the Mystical letter Yod, in the Ceb Celestial Alphabet. The three letters in the Passing of the River writing in the [a]ngles of the triangle form the great Name SHADDAÏ. Place this in the Triangle of the South, and repeat this verse: Let their eyes be darkened that they see not; and make their loins continually to shake. They have eyes and see not.

    7 The [s]eventh and last Pentagon of the Sun. If by any chance you are put behind prison bars, or kept in detention, at the presence of this [P]entagon, which should be drawn in BLACK on GOLD on the day and hour of the Sun, you will immediately be delivered and set free. On the arms of the [c]ross are written the Names of S CHASAN, Angel of Air; AREL, Angel of [F]ire; PHORLAKH, Angel of Earth and TALIAHAD, Angel of Water. Between the four arms of the cross cross are written the four Names of the Four Ruler[s] of the Elements: Ari URIEL URIEL, SERAPH, THARSHISH and CHERUB.


    The first Pentagon of Venus. This and those following serve to control the Spirits of Venus, and especially those written herein. In the Pentagon are the Mystical Characters of Venus, and the Names of the Angels NOGAHIEL, ACHELIAH, SOCODIAH and NANGARIEL.

    The [s]econd Pentagon of Venus. These Pentagons <are> very good for obtaining grace and honour, and for all things which belong to Venus, and for accomplishing all your desires. The letters round and within the Pentagon form the Names of the [S]pirits of Venus. Place this within the chalice in the Triangle of the West. Call upon Queen HAGIEL, repeating this verse: Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is as strong as death.

    The third Pentagon of Venus. This Venusian Star Pentagon only needs to be shown to any person to attract love. Its Angel MONACHIEL should be invoked in the day and hour of Venus, an at one o’clock or eight. The following name[s] are written withing the symbol, IHVH[,] RUACH, ACHIDES, AEGALMIEL, MONACHIEL and DEGALIEL.

    The [f]ourth Pentagon of Venus. This is of great Power, since it compels the Spirits of Venus to obey, and to force immediately any person that you wish to


    to [sic] come to you.

    The fifth and last Pentagon of Venus. Show this to any person whatsoever, it incites and excites beautifully to love. Around the central square are two Names, ELOHIM, ELGEBIL, and two others indecperable [sic]. Draw them exactly as they are: [t]hey may be the mysterious ingredients that make this one work.

    The [f]irst Pentagon of the Star Angels of Mercury. It serves to in[v]okes [sic] the Spirits of the Firmament. With the Pentagon are letters forming the Name of the Spirits YEKAHEL and HAGIEL.

    The [s]econd Pentagon of Mercury[. T]he [S]pirits inscribed herein serve to bring to effect, and to grant things which are contrary and against the Order of Nature; and which are not contained under any heading. They will and answer you very easily, but they are very difficult to see. I put there their [s]ymbol into the Triangle of Air, which which is placed in the East. The letters form the Names of Boe BOO BÖEL and other [S]pirits.

    The [t]hird Pentagon of the Star Angels of Mercury. This one, and the following[,] serve to invoke the Spirits that must obey Mercury,


    and especially those who are written in the Pentagon [in?] Mystical Characters of Mercury, and the Names of the Angels: KOKAVIEL, GHEDORIAH, SAVAHIAH and CHOKMAHIEL.

    The [f]ourth Pentagon of Mercury. This is excellent to acquire the understanding and knowledge of all things created, and seek out, and to penetrate into hidden things; and to command those [S]pirits which are called ALLATORI to perform Em embassies – they obey very readily. In the centre is the Name of God, EL.

    The [f]ifth and last Pentagon of Me the Mercurial Spirits. This commands the Spirits of Mercury, and serves to open doors in whatever way they are closed and nothing it may encounter my may resist it. The Witch Queen Maxine Sanders used this to enter my flat, and to bypass the lock of an electric bank clock.

    The Moon –

    This Pentagon and the following are used to call up and invoke the Spirits of the Moon; it is also used to open doors, in whatever way they are fastened. The symbol is a G door or gate. In the centre is inscribed the Name IHVH. On the right hand are the Names IHV, IHVH, AL and IHH. On the left hand are the Names of the Angels SCHIOEL,



    The second Pentagon of the Moon. Use this as a protection against all perils and dangers by water. Sometimes the Star Spirits of the Moon will try to frighten you by causing storms and rain round your circle; show them this in the Western quarter of your Circle and it will immediately cease. The Hand in the Pentagon is that of ABARIEL, it points to the Name EL.

    The third Pentagon of the Moon. If this is properly made then carried with you on a journey, it will protect you from attacks by night, and against all sorts of dangers by water. Inscribed are the names AUB and VEVAPHIEL.

    The fourth [P]entagon of the Moon. This one protects you against evil, sorcery, witchcraft, and from all injuries to your body or soul. Its Angel SOPHIEL will give you knowledge of the powers and virtues of herbs and stones. The Divine Name EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH, and the Names of the Angels YAHEL and SOPHIEL.

    The fifth Pentagon of the Moon. Will give you answers to problems while you are asleep. Its Angel IACHADIEL will grant you the power of destruction and loss, as well as the destruction of your enemies. You can also call him ab ABDON and SALE against phantoms of the night, and to summon the souls of the dead. Contained are the Names IHVH and ELOHIM, a [M]ystical [C]haracter of the Moon, and the Names of the Angels



    The [s]ixth and last Pentagon of the Moon. This can be used to cause storms and heavy rains if it is painted upon [s]ilver coloured papers, and if it is placed up under water, it will rain as long as it remains under the water. It should be made and written in the day and hour of the Moon.


    Further to the [s]ymbols that I have given to you. you may wish to make a more personal contact with other Angels, according maybe to your Birth Sign. Follows a list:

    Sunday Angel MICHAEL; S[UN]. SOUTH, EAST, WEST.

    Monday       GABRIEL; MOON. WEST.

    Tuesday       SAMAEL; MARS. SOUTH.

    Wednesday       RAPHAEL; MERCURY EAST.

    Thursday       SACHIEL; JUPITER NORTH.

    Friday     [”] ANAEL; VENUS WEST, NORTH.

    Saturday     [”] CASSIEL and URIEL . SATURN and URANUS.

    These are called The Teaching Angels. The Angels of Men. To each Angel his given his planet and his day, if you can invoke them in the way that I have stated they will assist you with all your affairs.

    The Angels also rule certain astralogical [sic] signs:

    Aries and Scorpio, Angel SAMAEL.

    Taurus and Libra,           ANAEL.

    Gemini and Virgo,          RAPHAEL.

    Cancer only,                   GABRIEL.

    L[eo] only,                     MICHAEL[.]

    Saggittarius [sic] and Pisces,     SACHIEL.

    Capricorn only,                Cas CASSIEL[.]

    Aquarius only[,]             URIEL.


    This system is[,] if you like, a hotch potch of and blending together of various systems. It is neither Witchcraft, nor Ritual Magic. When I eventually made it into a system that works the in theory as well [as] in practice, I realised that not only had I created my own Magical Grimoire, but something that would bring me direct results if I absolutely kept my mind on the wo Work in Hand. Remember, y until you [m]aster it you must follow the rituals with the utmost care; [m]any of the Spirits will set out to confound you and confuse you in any way that they can. They will give you very disturbed thoughts, and sleepless nights. I say this with authority since in the beginning of my Work I had all these experiences, because during my first (2 BIS) [see below for continuation]. From my own findings I realised that the Key to this sym system was held by the Angels. Angel MICHAEL <GABRIEL> is the Chief Genius, it is he who opens the DOOR OF THE MOON; [t]his is the door that has no key, yet, if knocked upon with prior knowledge of what to expect, it will be opened for you.

    There are various [M]oon phases that I observe, and if you obtain an EPHEMERIS, or a good ALMANACK[,] you will be able to work out the times and phases of the Moon, and

    [Written downwards in right hand margin:] ASMODEUS, 2 BIS


    phases of the Moon [sic], and remember this, not no magic spell, whether Wicca-wise or Ceremonially can give you anything that you have not earned, either in this life, or a previous one, but it will enable you to get the utmost <of> good and expansion from your life.

    When you need a miracle make one of the Pentagons according to your need and it will be there for you if you follow all the instructions.

    Those Angels never fail those who earnestly give themselves to this Work. Many of <you> have DEEDS saved up in the astral bank, and you have earned much more than you are aware of. If you use your power wisely these credits in your astral bank can be drawn upon when you use <make> the Star Pentagons of Power and need help….. It is all there on record. Try them and prove it for yourself; read the book “King of the Witches”; the proof of my work is all there.

    There are two important phases of the Moon. The first is from the day of the New Moon to the first day of the Full Moon. The second is from the Second Day of the Full Moon to the last quarter.

    2 BIS

    Insert after: “I say this with authority, namely because during my first attempt at opening the ‘Gate of the Moon’, I unknowingly unwittingly brought ASMODEUS to the [T]riangle of Containing. This was his warning. God will not be mocked, or provoked. The Angels and many lesser [S]pirits are performing His Works, therefore eliminate His Sacred Names from your symbols lest He come before your face. If you perform that which you are about to undertake you will be an offence in His Sight. May you be responsible for your past lives; [m]ay you live in torment in the life you now have, and may you have your just rewards.’[”]

    I have included the Names of God for your inclusion or exclusion, but I have not written the characters. You must refer to the diagrams in the Key of Solomon for those.