BoS document 1387 – ‘Prayer of the Gnomes’

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    A page from BoS titled ‘Prayer of the Gnomes’


    Taken from Eliphas Levi’s Rituel de la Haute Magie, this version was translated by A. E. Waite.



    King Invisible, Who, taking the earth as a support, didst furrow

    the abysses to fill them with

    Thine omnipotence;

    Thou Whose name doth shake the vaults of the world, Thou Who causest the seven metals to flow through the veins of the rock, monarch of the seven lights, rewarder of the subterranean toilers, lead us unto the desirable air and to the realm of splendour. We watch and we work unremittingly, we seek and we hope, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the hidden


    by the pole of loadstone

    which passes through the centre of the world! Saviour,

    Saviour, Saviour, have pity on those who suffer, expand

    our hearts, detach and elevate our minds, enlarge

    our entire being!

    O stability and motion! O day

    clothed with night! O darkness veiled by splendour! O [M]aster Who never keepest back the wages of Thy labourers! O silver whiteness! O golden splendour! O crown of living

    and melodious diamonds! Thou who wearest

    the heaven on Thy finger like a sapphire ring, Thou Who concealest under earth, in the stone kingdom, the marvellous seed

    of stars, live, reign, be

    the eternal dispenser of the wealth whereof

    Thou hast made us

    the wardens!