Anonymous, “[The leader begins the rite].” Page 13 of undated typescript from a Book of Shadows

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    Page 13 of undated typescript from a Book of Shadows, giving instructions on how the person leading  the rite is to begin the work.


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    Anonymous, “[The leader begins the rite].” Typescript from a Book of Shadows. Date unknown. Alexandrian Witchcraft Timeline & Archive.


    Now the Leader [k]neels down on the West side of the Altar facing East. He then crosses arms on his breast with left palm open on right shoulder, and right palm open on left shoulder, right arm crossing over left forearm.

    This kneeling position of calm meditation is held for about ten seconds.

    After this the Leader picks up the candle on the left side of the Altar and goes counter-clockwise round the Altar until reaching the Eastern side.

    Then the candle is carried to the Eastern quarter of the Circle, and the Leader kneels on his left knee and places the candle just outside the Circle at the Eastern Quarter.

    A candle is then placed at each [Q]uarter in the same manner[,] moving counter-clockwise around the Circle.

    After all candles are in place, the Leader then moves to the Altar again, kneels on the left knee and picks up the Censer in the right hand, and lights candle from the centre of the Pentagram with the left hand.

    The the [sic] Leader rises.

    Leader proceeds North and stops just inside the Circle.

    The Censer and candle are then raised at about 45 [degree] angle from the body, toward the East.

    Then with the lit candle, the Banishing Sign of the East for Air is made in this manner.