Letter to Alex Sanders from Chris Sempers, document 6429 a/b

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    Handwritten letter asking advice on astral and interdimensional travel

    Chris writes to Alex asking about astral travel and encounters with the boundaries between realities.



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    HU14 3HE

    Dear Alex Sanders,

    Merry Meet! How are you, I hope you are a little better. Alastair & Meriem Clay-Egerton told me that you hadn’t been well.

    I must admit I’m a bit hesitant about writing to you again, especially since one of the folks we write to told us that he had rung you up, mentioned my name and that you’d had to go and be ill. I do hope the two weren’t connected.

    There is something that I hope you’ll be able to help me with (again Bob and Mim suggested that you’d be the best person to help me, as this is your sort of subject)[. A]nyway, I’ve been going through one or two barriers recently. One was a very physical experience just as if I was passing through some sort of electrical force field, it was followed rapidly by a feeling of being able to look inside my skull – as if I was standing outside myself and looking through transparent bone – and I could see a fountain (sort of) begin shooting straight up out of the top of my head. I could also feel a peeling away at my “third eye” just as if at any second it would physically open and I would see through it as well as my physical eyes. For perhaps an hour after that I did see two images of everything around me, not double vision in the normal sense. I could see the physical object, and knew that it was the physical object, but I could also see a sort of enlarged, transparent glowing version of whatever I looked at. I don’t think they were auras, it was more as if I was seeing through into another plane or dimension and seeing perhaps a “truer” version of things on the physical plane. As if things here were the shadow and that other the things which cast the shadows.

    I’ve also had my first conscious experience of astral travel – since I was scared out of it at the age of 14 by being chased by a wolf-like creature. Anyway this <latest> was accompanied by a terrible buzzing noise. I was quite excited and at the same time a bit scared, but I managed to keep a grip on myself and flow with it, although I had a terrible job trying to keep out of my body, I kept being pulled back as if on elastic.

    Also I’ve had one or two visions of travelling starry pathways, Meriem called this “travelling the web”, and I must say that is what it does resemble.

    Now what I was wondering is can you first of all give me any tips on firstly getting my [a]stral travelling established. I am very interested in the magical/medicinal properties of herbs & incenses


    so I’ve been trying to concoct an incense which would help maximise my chances. So if you have any suggestions they would be most appreciated.

    The other main area which fascinates me is what perhaps could be called Interdimensional travelling. I have keep kept coming across odd hints. I know that there is some connection with various doorways, such as openings into barrows, trilithons and the spaces between the spokes of a wheel. Bob said in particular that this was something I should ask you about.

    In magic there seems to be an awful lot about following various paths, whether it be web working or working on the Kabbalistic Tree, but it is the spaces between which I feel I need to be investigating. I know half the problem is finding the questions I need to ask. Bob said that I wasn’t to try and go “between” just yet, and I’m not that daft, I want to find out, if I can, just what this is all about – but the temptation is very great. So, if you could tell me anything about this subject it really would be a very great help.

    I really hate to bother you, especially when you’ve not been too well, but I’m getting a bit stuck and I can’t seem to find anyone else who knows what they’re talking about.

    Blesséd Be!