Legend of the Witches

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    The historical origins of witchcraft in moon-worship and the witches’ legend of creation; initiation rites undergone by the modern witches’ divination by birds and animals; Christianity’s absorption of pagan rites; revenge killing; the Black Mass; Cecil Williamson’s Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall; investigations into the efficacy of witchcraft; extra-sensory perception; foretelling the future. Featuring the only footage in existence of the infamous “King of Wicca,” Alex Sanders, who uses this documentary to guide us through his coven. By then, Sanders had been endorsed by a group of 1,623 practicing Wiccans as “King of the Witches” (with his wife Maxine as “Witch Queen”) and turned into a media celebrity. There were television appearances, late-night talks on radio, a sympathetic biography, record albums of his rituals and this film, LEGEND OF THE WITCHES, based on his exploits. These were said to include healing people of warts by “wishing them on someone else, who’s already ugly.” Another woman was supposedly cured of cancer by Sanders sitting with her in the hospital for three days and nights, holding her feet and pouring “healing energy” into her. Sanders and Maxine parted in 1973 and he drifted into semi-retirement before moving to Bexhill in East Sussex (where he died in 1988).