Letter to Alex Sanders from Sion (Davies?) in Vancouver

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    Handwritten letter concerning a possible tour of North America.

    Letter to Alex Sanders from address in Vancouver, BC, planning his trip to North America and describing the state of the Craft in Canada and the US. Date and sender unknown.


    How to cite:

    Unknown sender, “[Letter to Alex planning a visit to North America].” Date unknown. Alexandrian Witchcraft Timeline & Archive. www.alexandrianwitchcraft.org/letter-to-alex-document-6407a-f/



    My dear Alex[,]

    I hope this note finds you well. Sorry about the delay in my reply to you[r] letter, [I] have been at [s]ea for two weeks in Alaska waters. First let me congratulate you on your new book – it[’]s so good to see you back in the throws [sic] of the Craft – we need you now. Hope [I] get a[n] autog[r]aphed copy to add to my collected of signed witches[’] books? [sic]

    Now to business[. F]irst you must understand that the economy over here is terrible[. W]e are in the bad way – the U.S.A.


    and Canada – there[’]s very little mon[e]y around [and] fewer jobs. [W]e have a recession, in fact this is the first job [I] have had in three months[. T]he price of food [and] shelter is sky high[. I]n fact we are in the same boat as you folks in the U.K. (just getting by)!!

    On the Craft front there is little going on in Vancouver[. M]ost of the Craft people are away looking for work elswere elsewhere, most have gone south to the U.S.A. altho[ugh] they pop up for the Sabbaths[. I]n Vancouver our activitys [sic] centre around me [and] the folks at PHOENIX BOOK, SURREY. Now if you do come over


    you are quite welcome to stay at my place – if [I’]m away [I] will leave the key for you[.] I can arrange a T.V. show for you and get you some radio show spots – these are talk shows – that’s no problem, but they don[’]t pay here unless you[’]re a star!!! [A]s regards the Craft people in B.C.[,] the best thing here would be to have a get together of the Witches for a wine [and] cheese party where you could give them a Blessing and a chit chat. I know the Wicca from Seattle would like that and it would be good for


    you to meet all the tribes. As regards you[r] tour [and] lectures[,] what I would do is – and I think it[’]s the best way – first draft a nice letter of intent, have a bunch made up then send them off to the people whos[e] addresses are at the back of this hurriedly writ[t]en letter!! [N]ow if you can purch[a]s[e] a map of the U[.]S[.] [and] Canada you will see my plan’s, [sic][. T]he addresses are in order of a tour so that you could arrive in N.Y. then come west [c]ity to [c]ity across Canada then [s]outh to California. I’m sure the


    Covens would help you getting from one [c]ity to the next[. W]hen you reach California you will be happy as most of the Alexandrians are in that [s]tate[. Y]ou can be sure that with a letter of intent these Covens will arrange you [sic] lectures for you.

    Well my dear [f]riend[,] may [I] make a strong recommendation that you wait to visit North America untill [sic] after [C]hristmas[. I]t would be much better to let this bloody Christian stuff go by, after that [I’]m sure the economy will pick up[. I]t would also give you more time to plane [sic], make contacts[,]


    save and plan you[r] mon[e]y, I really think that this is the best idea[. I’]m going up [n]orth soon for two months so you see it would be better if [I] where [sic] here to take care of you. ([W]hat do you think?)

    I will close now with one question – why do the Witches in the U.K. never write??? – I[’]m always sending cards [and] things but no answere [sic]!! ([L]azy lot[.]) Your Crown is here awaiting, [I] have put the box of art you gave me to good use[. M]ust rush of[f. G]ive my best to Betty and all at Chantry.

    May the Divine Pan be with Thee. Blessed be[,] Sion