Hand Written Letter to Alex Sanders From ‘Fay’ – Requesting Works, document 6389

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    Handwritten letter requesting Alex Sander’s magical help

    Letter from Fay to Alex in regards to Peter. Asking for some work to be carried out for her. Possibly romantically motivated works request. Number sequences are on these documents – we have been unable to verify what these number relate to.


    In Haste!

    Dear Alex,

    A few [t]oms for soup or stew –

    Hope the lamb is useful.

    Will try & get over next week – No weekend with Peter after all – There’s always some excuse – now his Mother’s going up!

    Please, can you work a miracle & remove ‘Madame L’ one way or another – I know Peter is [w]eak etc but I cannot help my chemistry or feelings & I cannot take many more disappointments etc. Will talk to you soon.

    All Love[,] God Bless