Letter of thanks to Alex from Lynne & Steve. Doc 2454a-b

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    Handwritten letter to Alex Sanders from Lynne & Steve Guare, two pages.





                  RH1 3NJ

    Dear Alex,

    Please find enclosed two packets of sequins as a small token of our thanks for your time & help last Monday.

    Steve and I are both very grateful that you were able to see us & help us so much. We both feel that we gained so much from our visit.

    We would be so grateful to you, if you would allow us to train with you[. A]s we told you, we have been working so hard on our own, but felt that we needed help to ‘expand’, & reassurance that the work we had been doing was along the correct lines.

    Eventually we hope that you will initiate us & train us to a level that we can than form a coven here, to carry on your work. Also, naturally we’d love to take you up on

    [Second page]

    working together in the [C]raft & honestly hope that you feel that we’re suitable.

    We hope that we will be welcome to come & see you again to discuss things further, but unfortunately we won’t be able to get down to Bexhill for a few weeks, because we are totally penniless – but we will be there as soon as possible.

    I personally can’t wait!

    Thankyou again to you all for your kindness.

    Bless Be.

    Lynne & Steve Guare.