Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from Derek Taylor, document 1752 a/b

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    Copy of word-processed letter to Archbishop of Canterbury passing on messages from the ‘Children of the Stars’

    Undated (from context between 1987 and 1990)

    Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.


    Derek L.E. Taylor Tel: (0424) 443057

    3, St. John’s Road,

    St. Leonards-on-Sea,

    East Sussex. TN37 6HP 


    The Most Reverent [sic] R. Hon. Alexander Runcie,

    The Old Palace,

    Canterbury. CT1 2EE

    Your Grace,

    I write to you in order to convey a message. The message is from a very high spiritual source. The message is:-

    “Now is the time that the Conservative Party can do it’s [sic] best for future World peace – can do it’s [sic] greater and [sic] political and spiritual work in the Christian Church in government policy to plead to bring Terry Waite and others out.” “It is needing political authority and [C]hurch authority between Moslems and Christians.” “The Moslem leaders – there should be some meeting.” “It is important that they are informed.” “The spiritual progress of Terry Waite is very low and it has been most difficult to sustain his spirit. He is losing faith and hope.”

    This message is from Den – a Child of the Stars.

    I have also given the above message to Mrs. Margaret Thatcher.

    In order to explain a little – these messages have come for many years through an unusual method of mediumship and through equipment designed for such communications. There are many thousands of recorded words.

    Den is under the leadership of Zara Fera Farria. The Children of the Stars are also known as the Sons of God or extra-terrestrial intelligences or space men. They are present with us in the World in order to save it from destruction and to save humanity and to guide the people of the World into the New Age. The Children of the Stars acted to prevent a Third World War over a year ago and



    continue to do so. Spiritual and political World leaders have a greater responsibility than they know of – if only they knew how far their actions fall short of adequate! Without the intervention and help of the Children of the Stars we would now be fighting this Third World War – or a handful of us surviving it.

    For a time this preventative action will continue but it will not continue forever. Mankind has outworn his purpose in his present state of evolution and now it is time for man to evolve again.

    The World has to change now or perish. Change can be brought about by the political and spiritual leaders of the World. Terry Waite’s brave action is not a folly nor a vanity nor should his life be regarded as a necessary sacrifice for political reasons. This would be a great error and have less than none [sic] political and spiritual benefits.

    In another message from the Children of the Stars it has been pointed out that the suffering of Jesus (and others including the sacrificed Gods of other relig[i]ons) arose from actions which were meant to set an example for mankind of how man should behave to man. They were not mere sacrificed victims. If the World continues upon it’s [sic] present course towards doom, then those who through history have suffered because of the example they set, would have suffered in vain.

    I convey to you the message and some of the teaching that I have personally received from a divine source. I pray that you and Mrs. Margaret Thatcher may find a way to act for the benefit of Terry Waite and his fellow captives and for the sake of the World.

    I am at your service in any way that may be possible.

    Yours faithfully,

    Derek L.E. Taylor