Rough draft of letter to Hastings Council regarding roof repairs

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    Rough draft of letter on back of envelope to Town and Country Building Society


    [Vertically on left hand side:]

    I understand there is no urgency

    Mr. Newton

        Structural Engineer,

          Hastings Council.

    [Main draft:]

    Since [?] I have now access to some scaffolding I am prepared to revise my quote accordingly: £2,300 <tile [?]> <+ rendering painting> the roof as described + painting back [?] <rendering [….] repair> from a scaffold at the front and a tower at the back. The work of

    I am qu agreeable to have the work inspected by my own and[/]or your surveyor before payment. I suggest you [….] a surveyor to determine exactly how the roof support purlings [purlins] should be braced.