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    Summary of the key attributes of the Cabalistic Sephiroth, seemingly an extract from a longer work on the use of the Cabala in magic; typescript, 3 pages


    personal experience through diligent application and dedication.

    Outline of the Sephiroth

    KETHER has the Mundane Chakra of Primum Mobile, First Swirlings, and represents the beginning of things though it can also represent the final endings of things for the form of God indicated by the Sephirah is God as alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending. The latter is indicated in its Virtue, which is Attainment or Completion of the Great Work. It is also indicative of first principles.

    CHOKMAH has attributed to it the virtue Devotion. It thus, with its numeration as the Second Sephirah, signifies matters of partnership. The title of its Choir of Angels, Wheels, gives its other side which is that of getting things in motion. Chokmah can be regarded as a great source of energy.

    Whilst of course Kether is the prime upwelling source of energy it is, in its location, energy in a state of becoming, latent until there is a duality, a positive and a negative point. This applies in all realms of existence from elementary laboratory physics to the most complex of human and social relationships.

    Chokmah is also the Sephirah representing the great primary male force so under its presidency can be categorised all matters concerning masculinity, and especially the father. This would include the whole host of related symbols and complexes, from God the Father, to father-figures such as the employer, “authority”, the State and so on.

    BINAH has the Mundane Chakra of Saturn and like the astrological signification of the planet can be held to represent all pertaining to form and restriction or limitation. This may refer to the limitations of age or the concrete social limitations of law, land, finance, etc. 

    In its fullest sense it comprises the great feminine side of existence[, a]ll that manifests in a latent or passive way – it is thus the organisation, or the machine, or the social unit in which the force of action or evolution has to work.

    It also covers all matters of femininity, particularly on the maternal side. It is the Great Mother and thus can represent a host of mundane factors from hospitals, institutions and buildings in general, to death and the grave, which in another way of looking at things is the womb to another life. Above all it represents the home and things of the home, for the home is the domain and the creation of the feminine side of life.

    DAATH has the title of Knowledge and on the mundane plane can be held to represent intuition and synthesis. The solving of abstract problems could be done through the invocation of the powers of the Daath sphere. It is a Sephirah where there is little symbolism (in its strictest sense, no symbolism


    at all) and so is of a kind of abstract mathematical purity. It can cover matters of conscience as well as abstract problems for it is a sphere of absolute justice.

    In the fuller sense it is a condition of revelation and inspiration, that of the Pentecostal fire.

    CHESED, whose Mundane Chakra is Jupiter, covers all matters of abundance, growth of prosperity indicated by the astrological interpretations of the planet. Above all this it is the sphere of organisation, whether this be biological or social. Its titles of Love, Majesty and Magnificence show all that perfect relationships under the law should be, and the Virtue of Obedience is not blind obedience but that co-operation which comes from obedience to a mutually respected moral code. Co-operation and growth are really the key concepts to this Sephirah.

    GEBURAH has the Mundane Chakra of Mars and again the astrological significations of energy, haste, cutting action, apply. It signifies matters of initiative, critical judgment and action thereon, in all spher[e]s of life; martial and surgical matters are particular sectors of human life that come under its presidency.

    It is commonly held, in its astrological, and even Qabalistic signification, to represent conflict and violence. This is not necessarily so – and indeed from a strictly philosophical point of view it cannot mean this without some strong reservations, for the Sephiroth represent aspects of God and therefore there can be no fundamental disharmony in any of them. Nonetheless, in practical matters of the world, owing to the Fall of Man from perfection, the activating, growing forces of the Sephirah Geburah often result in warlike or contentious conditions.

    One of the titles of the Sephirah is the Radical Intelligence and it is a Sephirah of radical change.

    TIPHARETH has the Mundane Chakra of the Sun and as the Sun is the centre of the Solar System and giver of life to it so is Tiphareth the central Sephirah of the Tree of Life and the harmoniser of all parts of manifestation into equilibrium. Its Spiritual Experience is the Vision of the Harmony of Things; its other Experience, the Vision of the Mysteries of the Crucifixion, indicates that this harmony is in the realms of manifestation – in the world, not just in heaven. The Crucifixion referred to is that of the Rose of the Spirit upon the Equal-armed Golden Cross of the Elements, though the Christian Calvary Cross also has its relevance here in equal measure.

    Under the presidency of Tiphareth are all matters of healing, of life, abundance, success in all things. It is a very general and all-inclusive Sephirah, and can signify financial success as well as the inner success of realisation and mystical illumination.


    NETZACH means Splendour so it should not too readily be degraded into a kind of effete conception in the way that Geburah is also too easily simplified into a martial and contentious one. Both mistakes are over-simplifications to the point of caricature. Netzach is very much a sphere of right relationships – whether of the family, or of the sexes, or the races and nations of mankind and indeed other evolutions. It also refers to the emotions, and the emotions as they should be, in right relationship, not social conventions or sentimentality but a complete commitment to life and an aggressive enjoyment of it to the full. The arts also come into this category – and here again truth of vision is the underlying factor rather than prettiness of expression.

    HOD can perhaps best be described by refer[r]ing to it all the attributes of the classical god Mercury or Hermes. Under it come all books and learning and also means of communication, which includes trade and commerce – the exchange of goods as well as of ideas. All this also implies and includes travel and also contracts. Magic too comes under this sphere and all mental matters.

    YESOD has the Mundane Chakra of the Moon, and covers in a wider sense all that the Moon is considered to hold sway over: rhythm, organic growth, ebb and flow, cyclic change and fluctuation. Also it covers the subconscious, psychism, and the etheric and biological functions of life. It can also refer to the crowds or mankind in the mass.

    MALKUTH is the material level, covering actual things, the physical body as well as possessions. Also it covers the bringing of abstract things, whether ideas or desires, into actuality; getting things “down to earth”.

    These brief notes on some of the aspects of each Sephirah, inadequate though they are, will give some guidance as to the Sephirothic application of THE ART OF TRUE HEALING to operations designed to affect the objective world.

    [Heading redacted]

    However, before going on to attempt any experiment in the objective sphere we will carry out one or two in the subjective sphere.

    This is in accordance with the Mystery injunction to “Know Thyself” and also with the challenge of a Master of magic to those who only considered themselves to be such – “Physician, heal thyself!”

    It is one the basic tenets of occultism that the environment is a reflection of the condition of the soul. And it is certainly not possible to control that which is about us until some large measure of inner control has been achieved.