Alex Sanders, “The Book of Magic Squares, Sigils and Spells.” Undated lecture typescript, document 6592, 6593

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    Typescript of a lecture given by Alex Sanders, “The Book of Magic Squares, Sigils and Spells,” which includes a 26-step guideline for the recording and practice of magical evocation. Date of composition unknown.

    Typescript of lecture, two pages.


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    Sanders, Alex. “The Book of Magic Squares, Sigils and Spells.” Typescript. Date unknown. Alexandrian Witchcraft Timeline & Archive.




    It is quite wronge [sic] to think that all that has to be done is to buy a book and write in it all the magic squares, charms and incantations, or that it is good enough [sic] if we learn these formulas off by heart and consequently evoke the desired Spirit. First of all the Book of Spells is not to be understood in a literal sense, for the expression “Magic Spell” in the modern books you buy has served as a cloak for certain ideas and in other cases its object has been to change the operator[’]s con[s]ciousness from its normal state by barbaric words, names and expressions and then brigg [sic] him to a state of ecstasy in which it is assumed he is able to influance [sic] Spirits. Generally speaking the only success that untrained persons will have in this case are hullicinations [sic], phantoms, delusions or incompleted [sic] mediocre results. Usually such results are (provided that they are even genuine) the outcome of the extension of the person[’]s consciousness, sometimes Elementals, and should the person concerned have a strong capability for emanations, even [E]lementals might be formed.

    The Elementals are falsely regarded as the Spirits which are the object of evokation [sic] and a person whose Astral senses have not been sufficiently developed is not able to tell the difference or control the situation[,] therefore I warn you against trying to use any of the Squares without the necessary training. Apart from disap[p]ointments the disturbances in your Spirit and Soul could have the most regret[t]able consequences. If you are well advanced in your Magical Training you may without any danger saftly [sic] practise the Square[’]s Magic. This field of Magic is no place for dabbler[’]s experiments. It is a scheme of procedure which can easily be followed if you are truly and sincerely developing your faculties.

    The Book of Spells[,] sometimes wrongly called The Book of Spirits[,] is the genuine Magical Diary in which you enter step by step the procedure of your Ritual in order to be able to follow every point consciously up to your own good. Some of you might wish to know how impartial charms, formulas for incantations etc., could ever develope [sic] from the days of yore. The secret of Magic has been restricted to high class potentants [sic] and High Priests in order that the real Truth, that true ideas and Spiritual facts might never be known by the public. Many code words have been introduced[, t]he deciphering of which has been reserved for true Adepts. The Key for these codes was only transferred to mature persons by word of mouth and their profamation [sic] was punished with death! This is the reason why this Science has remained a secret up to our time and it will continue to remain an Occult and Mystic Science even if it is made “[p]ublic” in [b]ooks like “What Witches Do” etc…. The immature and profane person will regard it all as a delusion or fantastic nonsense and, depending on his grade of maturity and physic [sic] receptivity will always have at hand an individual interpretation or [v]iew of this science. The most secret matters will this never lose their Occult tradition and there will always be but a few people who will profit by it. If a person who is not an initiate gets hold of such a book of Magic Charms in his hands and does not know the Key to it, he will take everything in it literally without knowing that the particular words and formulas are nothing but aids for the Witches [sic] memory and that it is a schermetic [sic] layout for circle work of a true [W]itch. This makes it clear why sometimes the most senseless words have been used as Magic Charms to evoke a certain Spirit.

    The Book of Charms is a proper notebook in which the genuine Witch writes the whole procedure of his Magic operations from beginning to end. If he is not sure that his book will never fall into the hands of another person he will have to use[,] point by point[,] code names. I can only give you a few instructions as <on> this but they will enable you to proceed according to your own taste and ideas.

    2 (2)

    You should enter all of these into your Magic Book:

    1) The purpose of the Operation

    2) The Spirit, [P]ower, [S]phere etc., to be evoked

    3) The Place selected for the Operation

    4) Preparation of all the Magical Implements needed for the Operation

    5) The actual Magical Operation

    6) Assuming the shape of the Deity controlling the Spirit concerned, that is the connection with the Deity, its attributes and faculties etc.

    7) The drawing of the Magic Circle according to your connection with the Deity.

    The preparation of the Operations that are carried out.

    8) Drawing the Magic Triangle

    9) Putting the Censer into the correct place, if necessary, the way of censing

    10) The lighting of the Magic Lamp, including the mediatory<tative> attitude to cause intuition and enlightenment.

    11) The charging of the Seals, [P]entacles, [S]igils of the Spirit desired

    12) Charging of the Magic Mirror or Crystal depending on the special purpose they are to fulfill [sic]

    13) The putting on of the [M]agic [R]obe and the mediatory<tative> attitude to cause protection, purity etc.

    14) The putting on of the [M]agical [H]eadgear[, t]he Crown or cap or band or mask and the meditation to bring about contact with the Deity

    15) Girding on the Magic Belt or [C]ord with the right attitude to bring about your power to control all [P]owers, especially the Elements

    16) Girding the Magic Sword to the [M]agic [B]elt with the meditative attitude of absolute victory

    17) Re-charging with the [W]and in the right hand and concentrating on the idea that your absolute will is to be realised, entering the [M]agic Circle with the experience of symbolising your connection with the Mircocosm [sic] and Macrocosm

    18) Concentration on [M]agic [S]pace that is the complete illumination of the ideas of time and space

    19) Repeated contact with one’s Deity

    20) The placing of your whole personality into the relevant mental sphere will [sic] all your working tools

    21) Giving orders to the Spirit or [P]ower of the particular [S]phere with regard to its evocation, and imagenative [sic] form or shape in which the [S]pirit or [P]ower is to appear in the Magic [T]riangle or Crystal

    22) Returning with consciousness to the Temple

    23) Wanting or ordering the [S]pirit to communicate a message or to do a certain job in whatever [S]phere is necessary

    24) Conscious dismissal of the [S]pirit or [P]ower at the end of the [O]peration to the [S]phere from which it had been evoked and the finishing of the [O]peration with a prayer of thanks

    26) Entering the totatl course of the [O]peration, the time it needed, its suc[c]ess etc., into the Magic Book

    If you are familiar with the facts of the Cabala you may like to use the name of the relevant Deity[,] that is if you are going to place your consciousness into a certain [S]phere through the use of the Planetary [S]quares[. A]lways remember that the [C]abala is just another aid or support to your memory and if you do all this in truth you will be able to do without it. Your first attempt will, presumably, be a little uncertain but time and patiance [sic] will teach you everything you need in this respect and you will sooner or later become an Adept in the this type of Magic.

    Hard work always brings its rewards.


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