The Nature of the Pauline Art, Lessons 1-3, Document 6527-31

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    Typescript of first part of Course on the Pauline Art, three lessons on the Occult Secrets of the Moon.

    Continues in document no. 6523-36.

    A copy of the first page is catalogued under document no. 6946.


    [Handwritten at top:]

    1 BOOK 1

    PAGE 1

    1st Ruling Angel – Gabriel

    2rd Ruling Angel – Cassiel

    [Typescript begins]


    The Nature of the Pauline Art

    The Pauline Art is an ancient system of practical Ritual Magic based on the age-old Kabbala. This system held One God, The Universal Creator, as having subdivided His powers into many Archangels, Angels and Lesser Angels, and that as far as our Universe was concerned, He appointed to each planet a Ruling Angel, with other Angels for the two Zodiacal divisions of each sign. The function of these Angels was to teach evolving man the Holy Law, which meant not only the Ten Commandments, but that the Universe was linked together, from the lowest to the highest, in one interwoven mesh. At the head was the Creator, on the lowest rung was the first protoplasm of the primeval ponds. From this protoplasm was to evolve Man, by evolution through reincarnation. Man in time was to become a fully physically evolved human, but his rudimentary brain needed tuition in order to fulfill [sic] the plan, which was this:

    Man was to develop into an intelligent, instructed human, he was to develop a soul, and then through countless incarnations, he was ultimately to learn all that God himself knew. To this end [M]an was to be instructed by the planetary Angels, called the Teaching Angels. Man was to come under each Angel in turn, under that Angel[’]s dominion, and to that end the Creator ‘set the Stars in the Heavens and gave them the Word of Command over Man’. So, in time, was evolved the art of Astrology, the very basis of the Pauline Art, for in [A]strology we learn how the planets influence the lives and destinies of men, in order that each human may know, and use, the wisdom taught by the Angel of each planet. Until he was sufficiently mentally evolved to exercise his freewill, Man was under the absolute rulership of the planets; with the attainment of freewill, HE WAS THEN FREE TO CHOOSE FOR HIMSELF. The stars would incline BUT NOT COMPEL. The evolved human mind was held capable of using freewill and thought for examining all things and ‘holding fast to that which is good’.

    To those with minds sufficiently evolved, the Teaching Angels were to teach their own secrets, to make [M]an equal in knowledge to themselves, so that [M]an would, in time, attain to Angelhood itself. When that was achieved, he was to be absorbed into the Body of God, he would then be reborn, this time as an Angel, and be given the dominion over some new planet in a new Universe, to teach in turn the beings that were there[,] evolving from protoplasmic slime, as [M]an himself had done.

    But [M]an, given freewill to use before he had received instruction, through the Great Plan having, as far as this planet was concerned, gone awry, became obsessed with material matters, and hence had ‘not heard the voices of the Angels’. This was the Fall…

    [Handwritten:] Book 2 BOOK



    the Fall into Materialism, symbolised by the Garden of Eden story. Some humans however, who were a little ahead of the others in knowledge, DID listen to the voices of the Angels and what they taught, and they knew that the power which had created all the Universes, together with the lowest and the highest that was in them, had devised a simple plan… the key was [A]strology. Beyond that was the ‘magic’ of each planet, the ‘Call Signs’ which called the Angels as [M]an needed them, so that the wisdom of the Universe was open to all with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’. These advanced souls became the first priests, and laid the foundation of true religion… the religion which said that God and Man were indivisable [sic], since in creating the Universe He had given of Himself to do it, in an act of creative and spiritual birth. Thus the Father/Mother God made Man ‘only a little lower than the Angels’, as the gospel affirms. The curious may find confirmation of this by research into the basic religions. This came to Pauline Art, named after St Paul, who saw a ‘blinding light of truth’… and who later in life found confirmation of it among the religious practices of the Simeonites and the Essenes. What he found was this:

    That the Ritual for invocation of the Angels of Day and Night, and of Zodiacal degrees, was called The Magic of the Angels of Men”[,] a system of astrological magic, similar to the method of the Enochian Tables as used by Dr Dee and Edward Kell[e]y, as the ‘Book of Ceremonial Magic’ states. What you are about to learn therefore, is not only true religion, but the basis of all religions. It is secret only because few have the abil[i]ty or inclination to devote their lives to a study of the Higher Mysteries, and what you learn in these Courses is simple, because we all have to begin somewhere. You may accept or reject as you wish. THE ONLY DEVIL IS IGNORANCE, for from ignorance stems all the evils of the world, it[’]s as simple as that!


    In further series, the magic of every planetary Angel will be studied in turn, but in [sic] this Course, as you will see, deals with the Occult Secrets of the Moon. Now the Moon is ALL IMPORTANT in magic, and in causing it to work, for it transmits the power. According to the Moon’s various phases the Archangel of the Moon, Gabriel, has power to help you. The Moon’s phases control the ebb and flow of etheric forces, which cause magic and Ritual to work. By understanding what the phases of the Moon can do to help you, and by learning the lessons of the Angels of the Moon, you can do much to help yourself. Of these powers of the Moon, and of its phases, you will learn in Lesson 2.

    Before you go any further, DO NOT confuse the Pauline Art with the so-called ‘Black Art’. The Pauline Art enables you to make the best of yourself and your talents, IT GIVES REWARDS FOR EFFORTS MADE.


    No magic spell can give you anything that you have not earned[,] either in this life or a previous one, but it will enable you to get the very utmost of good and expansion from your life. When you need a miracle it will be there, for the Angels never fail those who are earnestly trying. Many of us have ‘good deeds in the bank’ from previous lives, and we have earned more than we know, and these credits in the astral bank can be drawn upon when we really need help… they are all on record.

    TO PROVE GREAT TRUTHS WE MUST FIRST PROVE SMALL… and that is what these lessons are intended to prove.

    .……………………………………End of [L]esson [O]ne…………………………………….


    The Phases of the Moon

    For Ritual Magic, the Moon has two important phases. The first is from the day of the New Moon, which any almanac will show you each month, to the first day of the Full Moon. The second important phase is from the second day of the Full Moon to the [L]ast [Q]uarter. Two subsidiary phases are from the [S]econd [Q]uarter of the Moon to the first day of the Full Moon, and from the [T]hird [Q]uarter of the Moon to its last day. All this information can be found in any almanac or in Raphael’s Ephemeris for the current year, and many diaries also give it. Raphael’s information is at the top and the bottom of the pages as far as the Moon is concerned[.]

    For making things grow and flourish, for getting plans working, to bring about any increase at all, you must consider the first day of the New Moon to the Full Moon as the all[-] important phase. It is during these times each month that the Moon has most power. All matters tend to flourish and ‘grow’ as the Moon grows, while things tend to ‘die’ or wane as the Moon wanes. Some things in life one wants to make flourish, some things one wants to make die off. To illustrate this I will give two examples.

    Ex[.] 1: You want to plant seeds in your garden. Choose the first day of the New Moon to do this, or any day, if that one is not possible, when the Moon is between the New and its First Quarter Moon. The nearer you can do it to the New Moon the better will your seeds flourish. The same applies to any personal matter… love, finance, health or anything at all. If it is important, if you wish it to be fruitful and to expand, the first day of the New Moon onwards makes things grow, expand and flourish, and brings them nearer to fulfilmant [sic].

    Ex[.] 2: If you are ill, and want to start a course of special treatment, then you want to make an ailment and its cause die… to pass away.


    Now the waning moon causes things to wane, to die off, for in life there must be an ebb as well as a flow. Just as the Moon causes the tides to ebb and flow, so does it have the same effect on the deeds and fortunes of humanity. So if you want to put a stop to anything irksome, choose the second day of the Full Moon, or any day as near to it as possible, and begin your treatment or banishment of the troublesome thing then, as the Moon wanes and dies, so the matter you are working on will wane and die… will begin to pass away. Remember this well: New Moon to First Quarter is the most powerful in making things grow, flourish and come to fulfilment. The second day of the Full Moon to the day of the Last Quarter is the time when things worked on will begin to ‘die’ and pass away. This is VERY important so learn it well.

    According to the respective Angels ruling the matter concerned[,] of which you will read later on, so you invoke both the Angel of the Moon… Gabriel… AND THE ANGEL RULING THE MATTER and use your Tablet of the Moon (given later in the lessons) and your Banishing Square (also given later) to work your magic. ALL PLANETARY ANGELS WORK THROUGH THE MOON, remember that Angel Gabriel ‘carries the tide’ of occult effort and Ritual [M]agic.

    The Subsidiary Phases

    The subsidiary phases of the Moon have less power than the first two phases… these being the [S]econd [Q]uarter of the Moon to the first day of the Full Moon, and from the [T]hird [Q]uarter to the last day of the Moon’s cycle. A good rule to observe is to use the all[-]important first phase whenever possible, when it is NOT then use the second phases.

    So far as the Pauline Art is concerned, we now have the Moon’s influence divided into two main parts:

    1… New Moon to first day of the Full Moon… to make things flourish.

    2… Second day of the Full Moon to the last day of the Moon… to make things pass away.

    In between are the two subsidiary phases when the main effects are the same, but not as strong. Magic or Ritual performed under the subsidiary phases TAKES LONGER TO WORK. So once more, to make grow and flourish all good and desired matters… New Moon to Full Moon. To make the passing away and dying of all unwanted things… second day of the Full Moon to the last day.

    The Moon has a twenty-eight day cycle, during which time she waxes and wanes. There are days, between the Last Quarter of the Moon and the beginning of the New Moon when she does NOT shine in the sky, and which is called ‘The Dark of the Moon’. NO RITUAL WORKED IN THE ‘DARK OF THE MOON’ CAN WORK SUCCESSFULLY, for the Lunar tide of force has ebbed away. The ‘[D]ark of the Moon’ was held to be given over to powers not friendly to humanity’s hopes, and in this period the planetary Angels ‘rest’[.] IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO INVOKE OR TO BANISH DURING THE ‘DARK OF THE MOON’, AS THE MAGIC OFTEN WORKS IN REVERSE.



    It is an auspicious day for any Ritual when the New Moon occurs on a Monday, for Monday (or Moon-Day) is sacred to Gabriel, Angel of the Moon[. A]ll the planetary Angels have their sacred days which are as follows:

    SUNDAY… Sun… Angel Michael; MONDAY… Moon… ANGEL Gabriel; TUESDAY… Mars… Angel Samael; WEDNESDAY… Mercury… Angel Raphael; THURSDAY… Jupiter… Angel Sachiel; FRIDAY… Venus… Angel Anael; SATURDAY… Saturn AND Uranus… Angels Cassiel and Uriel, for TWO Angels share this day. These are the Teaching Angels, called the ‘Angels of Men’, for the Supreme Creator appointed them to guide our affairs, and gave each Angel his planet and day. Angels also rule certain astrological signs given below:

    ARIES AND SCORPIO… Angel Samael; TAURUS AND LIBRA… Angel Anael; GEMINI AND VIRGO… Angel Raphael; CANCER ONLY… Angel Gabriel; LEO ONLY… Angel Michael; SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES… Angel Sachiel; CAPRICORN ONLY… Angel Cassiel; AQUARIUS ONLY… Angel Uriel, though in some cases the Angels Cassiel and Uriel ‘help’ in each other[’]s signs, but where this occurs the individual [corrected from ‘student’:] WITCH will be advised. As a general rule take it that Capricorn is ruled by the Angel Cassiel and Aquarius by the Angel Uriel.

    ……………………………………END OF LESSION TWO………………………………….



    The Invoking Tablet and Banishing Square supplied in this lesson should NOT be used until you have read ALL the lessons in this particular Course, for then you will understand them better. But it is necessary to give them here, so that you may know why drawing this Tablet and Banishing Square can bring about certain effects[.]

    Every shape has a vibration, all Pauline Art magic accepts that, and certain shapes vibrate to certain Angels. The First Tablet of the Moon (INVOKING) vibrates[,] of course, to the Angel Gabriel, and to the phase of the New Moon, which makes things grow, flourish and expand. These shapes are traditional, that is why they have been handed down in this form from the beginning of time. The main outline of the Invoking Tablet of the Moon resembles the Tablets of the Law (or the Ten Commandments) that were revealed to Moses on Mount Sinaii [sic]. What many people don’t know is that Moses received the Commandments on the day and hour of the New Moon, and so the Finger of God carved out those Commandments, intended to civilise mankind, in the particular shape that was sacred to the Angel Gabriel, on whose day the Commandments were dictated and in the Angel Gabriel’s hour.