The Pentacle – description and its use, document 2335 a/d

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    Typewritten instruction on the magical use of the Pentacle



    The [p]entacle is one of the weapons of a first degree Witch. The pentacle of the [C]raft has its origins in the solar discs of the Early Mediterranean.

    It appears throughout history in a variety of guises. We are told in the Charge that the youth of Lacedamon in Sparta made due sacrifice according to the rites of Cybele. In these rites the initiate would emasculate himself[,] usually by tearing at his genitals with a pair of ceremonial pliers, and placing [sic] the severed genitals on a ceremonial plate. He would support the plate in his hands as he ran being scourged by the Priestess of Cybele to the high altar where he offered the symbol of his fertility to the Goddess. Confusion often arises from the use of the word pentacle[,] caused to a large extent from the wording in the Liber Umbrarum (Book of Shadows) for it directs that the pentacles should be of wax so that they may be easily broken to avoid discovery. In its strictest sense the word pentacle should only be used to denote a talisman of source, the actual word being a French word which means to hang. The correct term for a disc or plate used in the craft is a pantacle. All my research and historical efforts have shown no mention of [W]itches using a plate or disc and even the Witches[’] Hammer, even bearing in mind its bias[,] makes no mention of it, and it is otherwise very thorough as to what evidence to seek to condemn a [W]itch. It is described in Grimoires of Medieval Magic[,] that of John Dee being very complex. Crowley describes the pattern inscribed on the pantacle as being the sum of the knowledge the Magician possesses about the universe and quips that most [M]agicians should have a pantacle with no inscription at all. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in its outer order had a disc of wood inscribed with a hexagram which was painted alternately blue and red.

    The pentacle of Earth is the basis of all the tools and is a passive weapon used for defence like a shield[,] and in the [C]raft it is

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    usually inscribed with symbols as [with] the athame.

    Always upon the Witch’s pentacle is engraved a pentagram, the symbol of interaction of all the four elements. The pentacle is cabbalistically attributed to the sephiroth of Malkuth.

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    Making a pentacle

    Pentacles can be made of copper or silver or of any metal according to their [sic] planetary designs that you are operating with.

    It can be anything from six to nine inches in diameter and about an ⅛ inch thick.

    Friday at Sunset take disc to secluded spot. If you can, find a cave to work in or a hole in the ground.

    Bury it beneath the earth. Mark spot so you can find it again. Recite this Rune after you have finished burying it.

    [“]Cold you are and green you will be.

    The Power of Earth will come to me.[”]

    (This can also be used as a death spell[.])

    This is a reference to the changing colour of the disc from the coppery gold to the green as it starts to corrode[,] liberating pure copper into the Earth as it corrodes and soaking up the Earth’s megnetic [sic] forces.

    Six days later return to the same spot at the same time and dig up the pentacle with your hands reciting[:]

    “Lady of Darkness, Lady of Earth,

    Give me my talisman[,] give to it birth,

    Give with it your blessings that always I may,

    Use it with power, this I do pray.”

    [- 3 -]

    Take it to your circle well covered up and polish it well to return it to its original lustre[,] and on the night of the full moon take the pentacle and place it upon the altar and let the light of the full moon fall upon it. Then engrave upon it all symbols of the first degree initiation. There is a lot of work implied here. And as the engraving is done say[:]

    “I score this dish, I gain the power,

    Earth will be mine, in field or tower,

    Kerry be with me, Marianne be bright,

    With Arianrhod and charge this pure plate of moonlight.”

    The scoring of the surface of the pentacle is akin to the scoring of the Witch or the letting of blood.

    The pentacle is perfumed with musk and other incenses and put away ready for work.

    That is the way you charge all the pentacles you make[,] no matter what designs you decide and design according to your own ingenuity and what you think absolutely symbolises and is apt for whatever you want to do. It you can’t use your imagination get hold of the Key of Solomon. The pentacle is the most passive of the eight tools being of Earth, it has the lowest vibrations of energy. Because of this it is the most stable and it is used as a channel to act for the power flows. This keeps the power on one side of the pentacle only and it doesn’t pass through to anywhere else or deviate. For this reason the pentacle can be used as a shield against all source[s] of attacks whether they be invoked or evoked elemental forces of unsympathetic vibration or directed psychic attack. All you need to do is hold the pentacle towards where you know the direction of incoming force is coming from[, w]ith the main pentagram facing upwards. To use the pentacle to draw power into yourself[,] stand within the circle facing West holding the pentacle aloft with both hands. With the spirit point of the pentagram facing you chant three times

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    with the electric blue light streaming towards you[:]

    “Lady of Earth your child you see,

    I call out in need[,] send power to me[.]

    To project a beam of psychic energy away from it reverse the pentacle so that the spirit point faces away from you with the horns towards you and call out the following. Chant three times using the point of the pentagram to sight the energy towards it[s] destination ([l]ike sending a thunderbolt or a rocket)[:]

    “By power of Earth I send this spell

    O Queen of Night, Queen of Hell.

    This is my will so shall it be,

    I send the power[,] it comes from me.”

    The pentacle can also be used to draw money towards you. Caste [sic] a circle, roll the pentacle round its boundary, ensure the pentacle is always held upright, making sure you don’t drop it, at the same time chanting[:]

    “Orbiting Jupiter trine the [S]un,

    Bring money to me on the run[.]

    Burn frankincense, use a central green candle, it[’]s the next descent into matter of the Cabalistic Tree of Life from Jupiter to Venus, then it makes a perfect triangle because the [S]un is trine[;] the [S]un you’ve got Tiphereth and Gedulah to Netzah so you’re trining it.

    Start the rolling in the West. If you drop the pentacle it won’t work, don’t drop the pentacle of you will lose money.