Typewritten Notes by Derek Taylor re Alex, Document 1677

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    Typewritten Notes by Derek Taylor re Alex ending Work with Spirit Lords


    The word ‘witch’ is an emotive one and popular usage has rendered the label ‘witch’ meaningless. The word [‘]witch[’] originates from the word ‘Wicca’ which means ‘Wise Way’.

    It is not true that witches are denizens of the Infernal Kingdom, although they may have knowledge of it.

    Every witch seeks his own individual pathway, has to make his own contract with the Spirit World and has to prove his power and ability to aid humanity.

    There is no ‘conversion’, only a growing understanding and knowledge and an awareness of what has to be done.

    Many people have searched out Alex Sanders, King of the Witches. A few of them have become witches. More often Alex has guided them or rather pointed out to them their pathway which they were unable to see clearly for themselves. Being actively involved as scribe for the Temple I have seen his happen many, many times. It has been my duty to assist Alex and the Spirit World deliver the advice.

    I do not know of any easy way to distinguish a person from a would[-]be witch person. I can say that the spiritual contract of a witch can be most severe and the intent of the seeker must be so extreme that all obstacles can be turned aside. The Goddess states:

    Let naught stop you or turn you aside.

    These words are from the Charge of the Goddess and with these words She is telling the Wicca the correct attidude [sic] to adopt towards a pure and high ideal.

    I have a small son and when he was even smaller he once said: ‘I am not a witch, I am Diccon.’ That is common sense too!

    The secrecy that can be maintained within a closed brotherhood is an advantage for some ways of working. Our Work could not be said to be always conformist, nor could the pioneer Work that was done in the first half of this century under the banner of Psychic Science be said to conform. Protection from predjudice [sic] and interference I have found to be the main advantage of secrecy.

    I have been told by Spirit Teachers that the Temple Work is not a new experience for me. I have worked with mediums in Temples in many of my past lives. No doubt this explains my aptidude [sic] in this life. Certainly what I consider to be a normal world because it is usual for me, for others can seem to be incredible and phenomenal.


    Years of Temple Work with Alex Sanders and the Spirit World has been a training and a preparation for the receiving of a phase of Temple Work which began in August 1983. This Work I was told to make public. Time and again it has been said by the Spirit World, how important it is for people to be made aware.

    Religion and politics are hardly subjects upon which two people can easily agree and the Cup Bearers[’] information which I convey contains a concentrated dose of both – but in this document the treatment of these subjects is uniquely prophetic and revealing. The Cup Bearers of Ganymede have used prophecy to show us that they know of the disasters which await our World and by device they have sought to make us aware of their active role in the World as saviours. Wherever there is conflict in the World today the Cup Bearers of Ganymede are present. War and politics will never be quite the same again[,] for the Cup Bearers of Ganymede are a ‘third force’. There is evidence in the following pages that some conflicts are considered to be essential to bring about a better World. These conflicts the Cup Bearers provoke when necessary.

    It is time for humanity upon the Earth to evolve again. Humanity must change in order to survive biological, geological and spiritual change. Unaided humanity would resist for too long and the well known theme of science fiction[,] which depicts a World destroyed by human folly, would become science fact. We witness now this time of change and this event is epic and cosmic. The Cup Bearers of Ganymede have come to aid us. They tell us how human can become superman or spaceman. They show us how we may escape our mortality. They come to rescue humanity and prevent the destruction of the World. But what of the World! There will be much devastation and many will wish to flee. The Exodus is promised for us. Then will come the time to rebuild.

    How I received this information is set out word for word as I recorded it in the Temple with Alex Sanders. The Temple of the Great Mother and a Temple for many Gods and many Goddesses. I include some of their words and the words of angels, for their work was the essential preparation and training I received and I hope that you who read this will find a little comfort from such an inclusion, for the message I convey needs courage to digest.


    Something has to be said about the method of communication used by the Spirit World. They could find no better way than to use the gifts of Alex Sanders, for Alex Sanders possesses a rare gift of Mediumship. His [M]ediumship is rare because he is able to raise the power (the power that has to be used by all mediums) to a high level which is beyond the Psychic World and beyond the Temporal World. The Spirit Lords who move beyond time and imagination needed the right human components for their communication with the World. Alex Sanders and I (Derek Taylor) were chosen to receive their Divine Messages. In my role as a scribe for the Temple I convey these messages and I hope that the World may become a better place as a result.

    In recent weeks Alex Sanders and I have met many people who feel ‘chosen’, who feel that they have a destiny to fulfil. We know that their feelings are true and that these people are a sign of change for the World. Now many of the prophecies are being fulfilled.

    Alex Sanders[,] who has often voiced his reluctance for the Work with the Spirit Lords[,] has now decided to end his association with them. Alex Sanders prefers the older aspects of the Great God Pan and the Temples of the Past. The World must be grateful, as I am, for the Work that he has made possible. I think him – for putting aside his personal view for the sake of another.