Youtube video about the life of Alex Sanders

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    Documentary by Barry Mac about Alex Sanders and Witchcraft. (2013)

    ALEX SANDERS. 30th April 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Alex Sanders — a prominent, significant figure in the history of Occultism. Whilst by no means being a fan of the Wiccan “Black & White Magic” (Christianity-inspired) schema that he promoted, I think Sanders is deserving of some recognition: hence this tribute. During the latter half of the 1960’s the individuals who had inherited Wicca from Gerald Gardner (after his death in 1964) sought to apply a blanket policy of “No Publicity & No Dealings With The Media”, after Gardner’s foolhardy associations with tabloid-journalism had created a National UK anti-Witchcraft propagandist frenzy. Then along came Alex Sanders, whose publicity-seeking strategy made Gardner look like an unknown recluse. Sanders appeared completely un-fazed on the many occasions that his high-profile strategy to promote Wicca was deliberately twisted and misinterpreted by bigoted journalists and/or wild-eyed, Christian hysterics. Sanders further outraged the existing Witchcraft Community by self-proclaiming himself “King Of The Witches In Britain”, increasingly appearing on talk-shows, chat-shows and giving as many interviews to journalists as possible. In the 1970’s his “Alexandrianism” attracted thousands of followers across the UK and throughout the world. Sanders’ penchant for showmanship and lust for publicity led to many to denounce him as a fraud and a charlatan, but there exist enough anecdotes about his charismatic, magnetic and hypnotic personality and demonstrable powers of Magic to refute them: There are many accounts of him curing people of drink and drug addictions and other malaises and illnesses; he performed innumerable Spells, Charms and Rituals for specific goals which repeatedly worked and were seen to work. Sanders even managed to expire on Walpurgisnacht, (perhaps the most important date in the Witchcraft Calendar) in 1988. Compared to the rampant, glaring, ever-growing, online plague of fraudulent Occultists, counterfeit-Witches and fake-Satanists in this sad, stupid, plastic, false, copyist, truly Godsforsaken, Internet-ruled 21st Century, Alex Sanders comes across as the last word in Esoteric authenticity. Barry Mac; December 2013.


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