Image of Maxine Sanders preparing for ritual

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    Colour image of Maxine, taken by Maxine and Alex’s good friend Mal Stone,

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    Anecdote by Maxine Sanders: 02/10/2018


    I can’t remember who took this photograph. It was at the Hendon theatre where Alex and I performed the rite described on the Black Widows album. The magician invoking the Goddess known in his past lives; what he doesn’t know now is that she has become demonic. His love for her causes him to make a mistake enabling the demon to enter his circle. A violent physical battle ends with his broken heart and the demise of his love.

    The second half of the programme was horrendous as Alex would never told his witches what was going to happen. All we knew was that it was going to be the rite of Initiation starting with the adoration of the Goddess. This started with me centre stage spot lighted in the goddess position in a silence that magnified every cough and splutter made by the audience. The coughs turned into disgruntled mutterings as time went by. After a long time the tinkling ankle bells of the High Priest could be heard as he and the group processed down the central aisle. Too late, the audience were not pleased and no amount of badly enacted ritual was going to satisfy them. The rite over, a quick exit via the Side door was made. Overall, an extremely embarrassing event that left Alex totally unruffled.