Authorisation to White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products

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    Copy of letter authorising payment of overdraft, typed, single page. Whilst no date is given, its likely to be late 1980s.


    Victor Sanders

    13A Clanricarde Gardens,


    London. W2.

    To White Light Pentacles / Sacred Spirit Products:-

    I authorise you to repay the overdraft at:-

    Barclays Bank, 1 Eversfield Place, Warrior Square, St

    Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. TN36 6BZ

    of £215.00

    from the proceeds of sales of the works by Alex Sanders.

    I understand that this amount will be paid to Barclays Bank before any

    distribution of money to either myself or Derek Taylor.

    Signed:- …………………………… Victor Sanders