Letter to Derek (Taylor?) from Alex Sanders, Document 1686

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    Handwritten letter expressing love


    “Dear Derek”,

    I am writing this letter to try to express my feelings of love. If my relationship with you had been something more than homosexual I could quite honestly [have?] stated such a fact, as it is I can only say that, if I were to take the rock-bottom of love and to declare it as pure love, then there can be not other words to express just how I feel. I love you – Love you with peace that transcends emptiness, reach[e]s across lon[el]iness and leaves me filled to the bowels with tearless peace; Like like a dried[-]out ocean that had never emptied of its perfect expression of love. If love is like this then I am most perfectly in love with you[,] all enveloping, all invading.

    Yours embraced in the all of it,

    I love you.

    Alex xxx