Draft of letter to Maxine Sanders (Signed The King)

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    Handwritten draft of letter reclaiming power from Maxine – Alex signed it as “The King”.


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    Draft of letter to Maxine Sanders (Signed The King).  Alexandrian Witchcraft Timeline & Archive. https://alexandrianwitchcraft.org/draft-letter-to-maxine-sanders-from-alex-sanders-signed-the-king/



    Dear Maxine,

    You may notice that I am still courteous enough to use the term ‘dear Maxine’.

    I initiated you with the help of Paul King to the second. I laid my sword and crown at your feet and Paul took [?] you through the Third in token.

    You were warned during those ceremonies that the power was only loaned to be used wisely and justly.

    Regardless of Titles of Kingship – they came later – I was your High Priest and initiator. The responsibilities for the burdens [?] over the years I have absorbed into my karma.

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    Now I re[s]cind [?] the power that was loaned to you and draw it back into myself.

    You have usurped [?] your position of authority. You have brought it down to the level of Bronwen. What is min

    What is mine is mine and must return to me, the King.

    PS. Dear Postman. Throw this down otherwise she will bite your fingers off.

    The King


    Queen Tot Tortousa Turture

        Chamber of Horrors

              Basement Dungéon

      15 Clanricarde

            Bayswater W.2.